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Trading Punches: How Anthony Joshua and FlowBank Are Knocking Down Barriers in Finance

Welcome to our coverage of the second edition of the FlowBank Championship, a unique online trading competition featuring top athletes, that will take place from May 1 to May 31, 2024. This post features Anthony Joshua, world champion boxer and Olympic gold medalist, participating in the FlowBank Championship to see if he can become the Champion Trader.

Join us in this blog series as we follow Anthony Joshua and the other athletes through an exciting journey that shows how the world of trading is as dynamic and inclusive as the sports we love.

Hard Work and Determination Pays Off

Anthony Joshua is not just a boxer; he is a symbol of excellence and resilience. His journey from winning an Olympic gold medal in 2012 to becoming a unified heavyweight champion is a story of determination and hard work. For those reasons and more, he was a perfect fit for the FlowBank Championship.  

It's Never too late to Start

Joshua started boxing relatively late, at the age of 18, yet quickly rose to the top. His story is a powerful reminder that it's never too late to start investing in your future, whether it’s in sports or personal finance. Many people can feel like if they weren’t an early adopter in a subject - whether it be sport or trading, they have missed their opportunity.  Joshua and the FlowBank Championship demonstrate that the most important elements to success are discipline, drive, and passion - not necessarily early access.

Rooted in Community, Expanding Globally

With his Nigerian heritage and British upbringing, Joshua represents a blend of global cultures and appeals to a wide audience. Moreover, his connection to his roots, highlighted by his involvement in community projects and charitable activities, makes him an example and a hero to his millions of followers. 

Strategic Thinking and Mental Fitness 

Did you know that Anthony Joshua is a chess player too? This reveals his strategic mindset, an important skill in both boxing and trading. In the world of boxing, it’s clear why strategy plays such an important role. Your approach in the ring and your understanding of your opponent are essential in deciding who will be standing at the end of the fight.


Trading contains the same principles. If you don’t understand what instruments you are trading, and what are the market conditions that could potentially be impacting your trades, your portfolio could take a massive hit. Having a clear trading strategy also protects you from some of the psychological traps that traders can fall into, such as overtrading, chasing a losing position, or investing in instruments that sound great, but you don’t understand their levers and impact forces.

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