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The 2024 FlowBank Trading Championship

Would you like to know how the best athletes and sport stars in the world trade financial markets? That’s the idea behind the FlowBank Championship - the only online trading competition bringing together the world’s top athletes to find out - who is the champion trader! 

After a wildly popular first edition in 2023, the FlowBank Championship is back  with a host of new sports stars - and for the first time, coaches too - all raring to compete in the financial markets for 5 weeks.

What is the FlowBank Championship?

If you’re new to the competition, the idea is that this is the place where athleticism meets financial acumen! FlowBank has always believed that  the financial markets can and should be accessible to everyone. That being said, it can be both challenging and intimidating to engage in investment and trading for the first time.   

It seems as though there are so many barriers to entry to investing.  You might have encountered some of these yourself 
1) Financially, having the money to invest and trade with is a challenge for many.
2) Understanding how to invest your money well, making sure no matter your initial investment, you can see returns.  
3) There’s also the question of the practicalities of ‘how to trade’ - which button do I push and when? 
4) If I set up a watch-list, what’s the next step?  
5) Finally, there’s the question of financial knowledge - which stocks should I pick, what’s a CFD, and how do I know when it’s the right moment to open or close a position?  

It was these challenges that inspired the creation of the FlowBank Championship.  Why not take individuals who are experts in their sport, and introduce them for the first time to the world of financial markets?  As these athletes learn the ins and outs of trading, we get to follow along to understand their strategies and see how market changes play a role in their decisions.

What’s in Store for the 2024 Competition?

This year the athletes come from the diverse worlds of boxing to cycling, rugby to F1, MMA to football - all to find out who is the champion trader.  We’ve created lots of resources for you to follow this competition.

Follow Flowbank on Instagram at @flowbank.  Here you’ll get the play by play of the competition with daily updates, insights and content.  We’ll be running frequent contests to win cool merchandise featuring our athletes as well as an opportunity to get an expenses-paid trip to the FlowBank Awards Gala in Geneva to meet the champions.

Visit the FlowBank Championship site at vote for your favorite athlete, check-out the weekly analysis of the athletes’ trades and get access to a rich library of resources to step-up your trading game.

Follow and subscribe to the FlowBank Championship podcast - available on YouTube, Spotify, Apple music and other major podcast platforms.  See one to one interviews with each athlete as they discuss their approach to the FlowBank Championship.  Plus, once a week, tennis legend Martina Hingis will join us to analyze the results of the week - who traded what, what were the market trends and how to interpret the results. 

Who’s in this Year’s Championship?

This year, our champions are joined by a dream-team of support during their trading journey. 

Last year’s 3rd place winner, and FlowBank Ambassador, Alexander Zverev will join the competition as a mentor and guide to our champions.  As someone who became a trader, thanks to his experiences with FlowBank, Alexander has intimate knowledge of the competition and the challenges it can bring. He’ll join us throughout the competition to give advice and an insider perspective on the competition.

Severin Lüthi, renowned coach of Roger Federer and FlowBank Ambassador, is stretching his coaching skills to train our group of champions during the competition.  Severin understands the discipline and stamina you must have to be a true champion, and is bringing that knowledge to the competition. 

In addition, tennis legend Martina Hingis will be joining the competition as official commentator. Every week, she’ll join the FlowBank team to discuss the trades of the week and market trends and breakdown the action of the competition.  

In addition to our amazing group of mentors, we have a spectacular line-up of athletes in this year’s Championship that will be announced on the first day of the competition, Wednesday, May 1st, 2024. 

How to Follow the Competition

This year, the Championship is bringing amazing resources to help you follow along with the competition.  The FlowBank Championship site is the hub for all things Championship - blogs, videos, voting - even a personality test to find out what’s your trading style.  Social media will be updated on a daily basis with all the highlights, and don’t forget the podcasts available on YouTube, Spotify and Apple Music.  The best way to not miss out is to follow us on Instagram @flowbank to make sure you don’t miss out on the action.

The FlowBank Championship is made for the traders of today and tomorrow - to entertain, engage, and demonstrate that the world of investment and trading is accessible and can play a significant role in achieving one’s financial objectives.  The Championship Athletes demonstrate that regardless of your education, background or experiences - with the right passion and discipline anyone can be a trader. How about you?