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What is a Trend Line? | Top Trendline Trading Strategies

Trendlines are a fundamental tool in the realm of trading, often leveraged by both beginners and seasoned traders alike due to their simplicity and effectiveness. They represent the trajectory of a ...

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What is a stop loss in forex trading?

In forex trading, every trader aims at maximizing their profits and mitigating their losses. A highly effective tool that can be strategically used to limit these losses, especially for beginner traders, is the stop loss ...

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Trading Strategy: How to trade divergence with technical indicators

Using the divergence of a technical indicator from the movement in a market price is a day trading technique especially popular with forex traders. This technique is based on the principles of bullish and ...

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How to trade Cryptocurrency CFDs

Cryptocurrencies are swiftly transitioning from being an alternative form of finance to becoming mainstream, seeing an ever-growing interest from various types of investors, ranging from retail to institutional. These ...

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How to invest in trend following strategies using ETFs

Whether you're trading trend-following strategies in your day trading endeavors or you’re simply looking at innovative methods to ...

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Candlestick Reversal Patterns | Top 5 for Forex Trading

The Basics of Candlestick Components sets the foundational understanding of the different elements of a candlestick chart, a popular tool used by traders. This guide explores the Types of Reversal Patterns, which ...

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5 Key Concepts for Success in Trading

There is no question trading successfully in a consistent manner will take years to master, but here are some key concepts to lay a solid foundation of knowledge and discipline.

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3 Momentum Trading Strategies For Going Short Index CFDs

When markets are volatile, it makes sense to use momentum strategies that use that volatility to their advantage. One of the best day trading techniques to ...

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Day Trading Strategies For September

September is always an interesting time in financial markets. The end of the summer brings with it much sadness but also a renewed sense of purpose; the end of the year is in sight and the “back to school” mentality sees traders resharpening ...

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How to Trade a Dead Cat Bounce | Fading the Top

One of the surest signs that there is a bear market is when there's a dead cat bounce. Selling short at the end of one can provide quick trade setups when markets are in a downtrend.

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What is a Crypto Key? | Public & Private Keys

A crypto key is an integral part of what gives Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies their security and privacy. Read on to understand how they work, the different types and why they are useful.

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CFDs vs Futures | Differences Explained

There is some overlap between CFDs vs Futures - this is a guide explaining the difference and when one might be better to use than the other.