William Ramstein

William Ramstein

From San Francisco, William worked for Figure Technologies' capital markets blockchain trading platform, Lending Club's ABS structuring team, SoFi's BD team and Yodlee as a Sales analyst.


Solana too ambitious for Ethereum, targets Nasdaq + Visa

Solana is

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How to successfully hedge against inflation.

How to protect your portfolio from inflation with different asset classes. With talks of inflation roaming, FlowBank explores some ways investors could diversify away inflation risk.


What are the main crypto asset-based products?

2020 saw the rise of cryptocurrency exchange traded products with assets rising to record levels. The ETP market exploded beyond $4 billion in total assets this year due to public awareness, regulatory easing, and celebrity promotion boosting ...


Disrupting financial structures for social good: Cardano

Some developing nations lack the financial structures developed nations seek to disrupt. However, for Cardano, this disruptive force could enable developing nations to leapfrog past present ...


One chain to rule them all: Polkadot

Polkadot is building a blockchain protocol that updates, connects and unites all other blockchains. Polkadot is Web3 foundation’s flagship decentralized protocol.


Meet DeFi, the craziest innovation in Finance

DeFi gives market participants ease of exchange void ...

What is... ?

What is a gamma squeeze?

We have been seeing lots of action with the GameStop stock and AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc stock going up recently as a result of retail investors coordinating to drive up the stock's price. The video game retailer rose by 400% in stock price. ...


Bitcoin mining explained, and the best mining companies.

So you might be curious to know how bitcoin mining works, or are considering becoming a bitcoin miner yourself ? Or perhaps you are looking for bitcoin mining public ...