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What is a CFD? | How CFD trading works

Traders can use a CFD (contract for difference) to trade multiple markets including forex, indices, shares, commodities from a single account.

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Blockchain explained

In order to understand what Bitcoin is, we need to understand the technology it is built on; the blockchain. Blockchain is to Bitcoin, what the internet is to email. A big electronic system, on top of which you can build applications. ...


Understanding Bitcoin

Since the dawn of time, the global economy has experienced constant revolutions. From the origins of the economy with bartering to the international economy we have now, allowing us to access any resources, technology has been a huge factor for ...

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What is a Bond?

A bond is a financial asset, more precisely a fixed-income instrument, representing the lending of money by an investor to a borrower. The borrower issues or sells bonds to the lender to raise money, and the ...

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How to open a bank account online?

Opening a bank account online is convenient and fast. Regardless of the type of account you need checking, savings, or investing the key is to find a bank that is reliable and secure.

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Where is the safest bank in the world?

Switzerland is well-known as the home to the most sophisticated and most secure banking system in the world.

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What is the difference between a credit card and a debit card?

They may feel and look the same but in fact, debit cards and credit cards function quite differently. Here we compare the advantages and disadvantages of each one.

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What is Bitcoin ?

If ‘Bitcoin’ is popping up your newsfeed again recently, and you would like to have an overview of what it is, this article is for you.

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How to invest in e-sports?

You’ve all heard of it. Maybe your kids play it, your little siblings or maybe even yourself: gaming as a sport has become a thing, and the market is growing. Here are some ways to catch the train before it leaves.

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Beginners guide to trading stocks CFDs

Trading CFDs is a popular way to trade stocks and shares including popular companies like UBS and Facebook listed on global stock exchanges.

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What is a guaranteed stop loss?

A guaranteed stop loss is a useful tool for forex traders in some circumstances as a way to exit a trade. Learn about how it works and the best ways to use it.

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How to invest in sports

Winning money doing something you truly enjoy is never easy. In the case of sports, it might even be harder. To be paid for practicing your sport looks amazing, but for this you need hard work, talent and a sprinkle of luck. Miss any of the three ...