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What is a stop loss in forex trading?

In forex trading, every trader aims at maximizing their profits and mitigating their losses. A highly effective tool that can be strategically used to limit these losses, especially for beginner traders, is the stop loss ...

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Candlestick Reversal Patterns | Top 5 for Forex Trading

The Basics of Candlestick Components sets the foundational understanding of the different elements of a candlestick chart, a popular tool used by traders. This guide explores the Types of Reversal Patterns, which ...

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5 Key Concepts for Success in Trading

There is no question trading successfully in a consistent manner will take years to master, but here are some key concepts to lay a solid foundation of knowledge and discipline.

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Forex Trading Risks & How to Manage Them

It is the risk in forex trading that makes it possible to earn large returns. Forex traders use risk management techniques to use forex trading risks to their advantage.

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What is a pip? | Pips in forex trading

Pips in forex trading stands for percentage in points. A pip measures the small price change of an exchange rate worth less than one unit of currency.