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What is a short squeeze? GameStop example

There's been an explosion of activity in the most shorted stocks caused by short-sellers being forced to cover in a short squeeze. What is a short squeeze?

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What is the SMI?

SMI® – THE Blue-Chip Index of the Swiss stock market The Swiss Market Index or SMI® is the most relevant stock index in Switzerland and includes the 20 largest stocks (blue chips) from the Swiss Performance Index (SPI). The ...

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What is an ETF?

An Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) is a financial instrument loved by investors because of its diversification, transparency, and liquidity. It is a type of security that involves a combination of other securities – which can be stocks, bond ETFs, ...

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What is a fiscal year?

What is a fiscal year? A fiscal year can also be called a “budget year” or a “financial year”. It is also sometimes shortened to FY (Fiscal Year). The period for a fiscal year is of 12 months (1 year) but ...

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What is the Dow Jones?

The Dow Jones Industrial Average Dow Jones & Co. was founded in 1882 by Charles Dow, Edward Jones, and Charles Bergstresser. Originally, the first industrial averages did not include industrial stocks but only ...

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What is an IPO?

What is an IPO? An IPO or initial public offering is the process in which a private corporation decides to offer its shares to the public. This is called stock issuance. When a company goes public, it permits public ...

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What is a Stock Market?

What is a Stock? When trading, one of the main terms that we are used to talking about is «stock ». But what is a stock? Well… in few words, a stock (also called equity) represents a fraction of ownership of a company. ...

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What is a CFD? | How CFD trading works

Traders can use a CFD (contract for difference) to trade multiple markets including forex, indices, shares, commodities from a single account.

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What is a Bond?

A bond is a financial asset, more precisely a fixed-income instrument, representing the lending of money by an investor to a borrower. The borrower issues or sells bonds to the lender to raise money, and the ...

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What is Bitcoin ?

If ‘Bitcoin’ is popping up your newsfeed again recently, and you would like to have an overview of what it is, this article is for you.

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What is a guaranteed stop loss?

A guaranteed stop loss is a useful tool for forex traders in some circumstances as a way to exit a trade. Learn about how it works and the best ways to use it.

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What is a stock market quote?

The stock market quote is a set of information about a specific stock that tells us about its price and other essential information. The aim of this article is to describe and understand this data.