146 days ago • Posted by Charles-Henry Monchau

A record 61% of restaurants, 35% of small businesses can't pay December rent in the U.S

According to the latest Alignable Rent Poll, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for small businesses everywhere to pay their rent in full and on time, given the latest COVID resurgences. These findings are based on the most recent Alignable Rent Poll conducted among 9,204 small business owners from 11/21-11/23/2020. Here are the highlights: 1) Several B2C industries are devastated – 61% of restaurants can’t pay their rent this month. That’s up 19% from 42% in November; 2) 35% of U.S. small businesses couldn’t pay their rent this month, up 3% from 32% in November and; 3) Beauty salons (46%) and travel/hospitality businesses (43%) round out the Top 3 most-affected businesses, but many others are in trouble. Overall, 35% of small business owners reported that they couldn't make rent this month (up 3% from 32% in November) - source: www.zerohedge.com

Percentage of businesses which can't pay rents in December - by sector