206 days ago • Posted by Charles-Henry Monchau

Are bears throwing the towel? The world's most bearish hedge fund is going net long for the first time in 8 years

At the start of 2012, contrarian hedge fund firm Russell Clark Investment Management, formerly Horseman Global, did something which virtually none of its peers dared or would dare to do: it took its formerly 100% equity net long exposure to deep net short, launching an 8 year period in which the fund would be bearish month after month on stocks. But sometime in the past few months, the Fund underwent a historic position and sentiment shift and after 8 years of being net short, the fund is now back on the bullish bandwagon with a 23.2% net long position (with no exposure to bonds). Note that last month was a very bad one (see below) and that assets under management have been falling again as clients feared the bull market will prove them wrong (as it happened in 2019, a year when the fund lost -35%) - www.zerohedge.com 

Russell Clark Investment Management factsheet