185 days ago • Posted by Valérie Noël

Chipotle announced its first all-digital kitchen

Chipotle Mexican Grill (NYSE: CMG) yesterday announced its first-ever Chipotle digital-only restaurant called the Chipotle Digital Kitchen. Customers will be forced to order on the Chipotle app or other 3rd-party apps to receive service. No walk-ins welcome. The digital kitchen will not have a dining room or service lines. Instead, it’s designed to simulate the smell, sound, and appearance of a regular Chipotle. Located just outside of the gates to the military academy in Highland Falls, NY, the restaurant will open this Saturday for pick-up and delivery only. The new prototype will allow Chipotle to enter more urban areas that wouldn't support a full-size restaurant and allows for flexibility with future locations (Source:https://newsroom.chipotle.com/)

The Kitchen is going digital