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Covid-19 vaccination rate : top 8 fastest countries

While many countries are struggling with the dauting project of vaccinating their entire population, other governments managed to orchestrate a quick approval process and effective infrastructure to cure the sickness as fast as possible. According to "Our World in Data", Israel is the country closest to reaching the 60-70% threshold required to keep the virus under control and diminishing. That's 54.72 doses for every 100 citizens of Israel, or 4.7 million total. In comparison, the United States just passed the 9 doses per 100 citizens. Israel had the chance to negotiate early stocks with Pfizer and started vaccinating as early as December 15th, administering around 150'000 daily doses since then. Lastly, they have an excellent healthcare system and a strong population enthusiasm for the vaccine. 

Source: Our World in Data, Statista

Covid-19 vaccination rate : top 8 fastest countries