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Grayscale generates close to $1billion in revenue from its 2 Trusts on Bitcoin and Ether. This is the same revenue Vanguard takes in from all 82 of its ETFs!

The Grayscale Bitcoin Trust ($GBTC) and The Grayscale Ethereum Trust ($ETHE) make as much revenue on $47 billion in Assets Under Management as Vanguard does on $1.7 trillion in ETF assets. For context, teh entire U.S-listed ETF industry generates revenues of just under $12 trillion across almost 2,500 funds, with 56% of that going to Blackrock, State Street and Vanguard. Eric Balchunas @Bloomberg: "This is why the SEC is essentially playing Kingmaker with bitcoin ETF approval. It didn't need to come to this but now we are here, and the longer the wait the more is at stake"

Source @NateGeraci

Revenues generated by Grayscale are close to $1 billion p.a