190 days ago • Posted by Charles-Henry Monchau

Gun background checks in the United States are exploding

After three months of declines, gun background checks in the U.S rose again in October, rising from 2.892 million up to 3.305 million. That's the highest monthly reading since July as the wave of civil unrest started to abate. October's number of background checks was the fifth-highest monthly total on record and higher than all but one monthly reading prior to 2000. The chart below shows the total number of background checks in the first ten months of each year since 2000. At the current total of 32.1 million, total background checks are dwarfing every other year on record. This year's total number of background checks is already higher than any full-year total since 2000, and even September's YTD total of 28.8 million would have surpassed every other prior year on record - source: Bespoke.

NICS background checks by year