376 days ago • Posted by Paul de La Baume

Have We Seen the Peak of the EURUSD? #euro #dollar #forex #trading

The central banks events with the Fed on Wednesday and ECB on Thursday could add volatility to the EURUSD. Europe should be particularly sensitive to a global economic slowdown and we are seeing some slow-down being priced in the market looking at commodities such as oil, taking into account demand weakness. The EURUSD as a result could be particularly vulnerable to a global economic slowdown, which could take the pair down back to where it was about a month ago at around 1.08, from 1.0950 currently. Also, to take into consideration that the market has already prices many interest rate cuts for the US Federal Reserve, and should expectations for rate cuts disappoint, it could once again give the dollar a boost. When everybody is talking about the end of the dollar, it is simply something to question and perhaps consider a possible opposite-direction scenario.