147 days ago • Posted by William Ramstein

Litecoin long term holders sold 1.82 M LTC to gain from recent surge

Glassnode says, ''The Litecoin Hodled (lost coins) metric provides a view on the overall LTC supply that is deemed to be dormant, lost or in cold storage. Around October 2020, this metric peaked with just over 20M LTC fitting this classification (~30% of circulating supply). This was similar to the peaks achieved back in 2016 although at that time, 20M coins represented a larger share of circulating supply (40-45%). Since October 2020, coincident with CDD trending higher, we have seen 1.82M LTC spent by long term hodlers as market price has rallied from around $50 to the recent local high around $227. This suggests LTHs have taken profits into market strength.''