155 days ago • Posted by Charles-Henry Monchau

Chart of the day: Meet the Nasdaq 100's Post-Election Leaders

While the Nasdaq 100 is up about 12.5% since the election, thirteen stocks are up by more than twice the amount of the index itself. Leading the way higher, Moderna (MRNA) is up over 100% after positive news regarding its vaccine. After MRNA, shares of Pinduoduo (PDD), a Chinese e-commerce play, have rallied more the 50%, Tesla (TSLA) rounds out the top three with a gain of 47% in just the last five weeks. At the bottom of the table, Bespoke includes the performance of the five mega-cap stocks of the Nasdaq 100. While all five stocks outperformed for much of 2020, not a single one of them is outperforming the Nasdaq 100 since Election Day, and only Apple (AAPL) is anywhere close to matching the performance of the index itself - source: Bespoke 

Nasdaq 100 top performing stocks since U.S election day