162 days ago • Posted by Charles-Henry Monchau

Sanford Bernstein Strategist: "Bitcoin - I have changed my mind"

Inigo Fraser-Jenkins, the start Strategist at the "deep fundamental" U.S investment firm Sanford Bernstein : "Crypto should play a role in institutional asset allocation". With today’s environment materially different as compared to the euphoria in the winter of 2018, he feels differently about bitcoin's role in asset allocation. In short, the greater role that governments will likely play in economies makes cryptos potentially more appealing. In the wake of the pandemic, governments likely become more powerful (relative to corporations and individuals) and we need to get used to its greater role. And naturally, this is the main reason why true believers in cryptos point to as a reason to hold them. However, the attraction of crypto are also what make them potentially an annoyance for policymakers. Thus, he believe cryptos have a place in asset allocation, as long as they are legal.  - source: The Market Ear, Sanford Bernstein