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Which country is producing the most E-waste?

Worldwide, it is 53.6 million tons of electronic waste that has been generated in 2019. The figure increased by 21% in 5 years, making this subwaste category the one with the biggest growth. While China produces the most electronic was with 10.1 million tons, they are not in the top 10 if you calculate the number of kilogram per capita. Norway is leading the pack with 26 kilograms per capita, notably because of the prevalence of its electric car segment. The increase of e-waste is both due to products that are not made to last so long, as well as standards of living that are rising, making electronics affordable for more people. What the world needs to do is to develop recycling solutions at the same pace as e-waste streams. So far, we're in deficit.

Source: Statista, Global E-waste Monitor 2020

Which country is producing the most E-waste?