140 days ago • Posted by William Ramstein

How much does the vaccine cost?

This summer the U.S. government agreed to pay Pfizer and BioNTech $1.95 billion for the first 100 million doses. That's the equivalent of about $19.50 per dose. The contract also included an option to buy more doses, up to 500 million more. Pfizer has had to cut down on half of its promise due to challenges in manufacturing, securing and distributing the vaccine. The government turned to Moderna for the remaining supply and exercised an option to purchase 200 million through June 2021. This is not great news for Pfizer whom we know invested heavily in rendering a vaccine and noted in their latest 10-Q the risk of not recovering this expense (R&D at PFE). Overall, the taxpayer is paying for the vaccine, and we could easily expect U.S. taxes to climb next cycle. Source: WSJ