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25 February 2021

With the newest addition to its offering, FlowBank aims high and serves an ace. Using the latest financial technology, the new FlowBank app connects clients to global financial markets in the most intuitive way possible. Offering fractional shares, FlowBank enables everyone to profit from the performance of shares that previously were not accessible to all.


FlowBank introduces its newest product onto the market: the FlowBank app. Thanks to its intuitive user interface, it connects anyone with an interest in investing to global financial markets, beginners and advanced investors alike. Experienced and professional traders already have access to FlowBank Pro (formerly known as FlowOne), one of the most accessible trading platforms on the market.


A smart way to invest in fractional shares and bitcoins

Combining Swiss banking performance and the latest financial technology, the FlowBank app takes users’ investing experience to the next level. A wide universe of financial products unlocks new ways for clients to invest their money, giving them easy and instant access to global markets. Thanks to fractional shares, they can now profit from the performance of well-known and expensive stocks, such as Amazon, Tesla, or Berkshire Hathaway, without having to break the bank. Similarly, FlowBank clients can now invest in bitcoin for less than CHF 100 through a physical bitcoin ETP. What is more, FlowBank offers competitive exchange rates and low commissions, allowing its clients to keep their costs low. For a limited time, major Swiss stocks and US stocks can be traded with zero commission.


Thanks to stock watch lists, clients can plan their next smart investing moves. And if they are unsure which companies to invest in, thematic lists curated by FlowBank—ranging from value opportunities to sustainable investments to Swiss quality—provide some inspiration. “It is truly exciting how simple investing is with FlowBank”, Elina Svitolina, the current number five in women’s tennis, says. “Finally I get a complete overview of my finances in one single place. Managing and investing my money has never been this seamless.”


Focus on transparency, privacy, and security

The app’s innovative approach to banking does not compromise clients’ expectations of a bank account. “As a Swiss bank, we impose the highest standards in terms of security and privacy on ourselves. We want to give our clients the peace of mind they deserve when it comes to their money”, Charles-Henri Sabet, founder and CEO of FlowBank, explains. This promise also entails the full protection of deposits up to 100,000 CHF as foreseen by FINMA. And as knowledge is the key to navigating the financial markets confidently and securely, FlowBank’s clients benefit from educational webinars held by proven investing professionals as well as from daily market insights provided by FlowBank’s experts.


Coming up soon, the FlowBank Card will accompany clients in their everyday purchases. With FlowBank Office, the bank will expand its offering to a private-banking platform specifically targeted at institutional clients, including banks, asset managers, brokers, and fintechs.



About FlowBank

FlowBank, an online bank headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, employs around 100 people. Founded by Charles-Henri Sabet, FlowBank aspires to reinvent the online investor experience. FlowBank SA is licensed by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) and a member of esisuisse.



FlowBank SA         
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