FlowBank launches next-generation investment platform “FlowOne”

25 November 2020

Geneva, 25 November 2020


Based on its dynamic vision of creating the ultimate online-trading experience, FlowBank launches the cutting-edge trading platform “FlowOne”.


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This innovative digital solution by Switzerland’s newest bank allows investors and traders worldwide to access a broad range of asset classes via a unique multi-currency bank account. “We present the ultimate next-generation investment solution. Our clients have never been able to invest more intuitively –now they can get in the flow within an instant,” promises FlowBank’s founder and CEO Charles-Henri Sabet.

FlowBank, the newest online bank in Switzerland starts operations and sets out to create
a novel online banking and trading experience. Making investing seriously simple,
FlowBank presents "FlowOne": Via a single multi-currency account, both private and
professional investors have secured, convenient and attractively-priced access to all
conceivable product and asset classes. Among others, these include shares, bonds,
currencies, commodities, ETFs, futures, warrants in cash and CFDs. Soon, clients will be
able to trade investment funds and structured products. Customer service based exclusively in Switzerland.

To meet the need of the modern trader to invest at any time and from anywhere,
"FlowOne" is available through an App, a laptop, or on computer. Orders can be placed
from the safety of the client’s home or office, and equally as easily on the road. If
questions arise, the customer service, which is located exclusively in Switzerland,
provides assistance 24 hours a day. This avowal underlines FlowBank's commitment to
Switzerland as a business location.

Coming soon: Fractional shares

FlowBank’s pipeline is filled: In the coming weeks and months, the bank’s clients will be
able to benefit from many more services, such as a classic bank account solution and a
credit card introducing the flow to their pockets. What is more, FlowBank will introduce
fractional shares – a premiere in the Swiss market. By giving investors the opportunity to
trade shares for a fraction of their value, FlowBank delivers on its promise to democratize
online trading. Charles-Henri Sabet puts it in a nutshell, "As an example, you would be able to buy Lindt & Sprüngli shares for the price of a chocolate bar."


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