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Timing your investment portfolio trades with historical trends

Seasonality refers to specific time periods during which stocks, sectors, and indices are exposed to and influenced by repeating tendencies that form patterns in investment valuation. This article will present you ...

MacroAsset Allocation

Top-down analysis of current markets | Portfolio Management

A lot of factors are to be considered when building a portfolio, one of them being a top-down approach. In recent weeks, lots has happened in the markets. Our topic of the day is how someone might think about the ...


China’s tech crackdown: who wins, who loses?

After covering the story behind the Chinese crackdown, a ...


How did Moderna reach the moon? Mars next?

Moderna stock has rallied from around $104 per share at the ...


Apple’s controversial new features are making users fear for their privacy

Apple’s plan to fight child sexual abuse material has fueled privacy debate over ...


Helium - connecting a broad-band network via blockchain

After the network's active nodes crossed 100,000 and the project received $111 million through a token sale, HNT’s price reached a three-month high. Is Helium’s project about to revolutionize the way Internet of ...


The L’Oréal digital transformation reinventing the future of cosmetics

Digitalization has revolutionized every industry and is changing our ways of living, consuming, communicating and working. But how can a company like L’Oréal, that primarily relies on a “tangible” customer experience, ...


6 Top reasons to start investing early

You are contemplating whether you should start investing and want to know why it might be a good idea. Then, this article is for you.


The story behind the Chinese stock sell-off & why it might not be over

Chinese tech stocks are experiencing a sell-off as concerns around regulatory crackdowns continue. To understand what caused investors to doubt their tech holdings, let’s have a look at the Chinese tech industry ...


Passive investing vs. Active investing: which is right for you?

What if you could invest in the markets without too much effort? Well, that can be done with passive investing. However, is this strategy the right fit for you? That is to be discovered!


Bye bye Department of Justice (DoJ), hello Slack + Salesforce merger

San Francisco, Dec 1, 2020 –


Duolingo aims a $3.4 billion valuation in its U.S. IPO

As the Chinese proverb says, “to learn a language is to have one more window from which to look at the world” and that is exactly what Duolingo aims to do; give access to learning new languages universally. The ...