Paul de La Baume

Paul de La Baume


How does China’s reopening affect your portfolio?

China’s reopening may just be the catalyst that is needed to stimulate global growth. What are the investment implications, and could there be some negative repercussions?


Could platinum shine again?

Platinum is seen as a symbol of prestige, rarity, and wealth. Yet, due to its industrial use, the metal is sensitive to investor demand and global growth. What is the outlook for Platinum?


Could travel stocks see a holiday boost?

With travel numbers having recovered from Covid-19, the travel industry could be set to benefit this year, particularly from people prioritising travelling and visiting family. With strong bookings, could travel ...

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2022: A difficult year for ESG

ESG has attracted trillions of dollars in investments. But performances have not quite followed through this year amid the difficult market environment, energy sector outperformance, and tech underperformance. ...


Spotlight on consumers as we approach Black Friday

Inflation, rising interest rates, and falling stock prices have added pressure on the consumer. Could Black Friday sales offer investors clues about what to expect of the holiday shopping?


Fast coffee: Should Nespresso be fearful of CoffeeB?

Swiss brand CoffeeB, developed by supermarket chain Migros, is making single-use coffee fully compostable via its pressed coffee balls invention. Will consumers abandon their Nespresso machines?


Virtual YouTubers: ANYCOLOR stock up 620%

Japanese entertainment company ANYCOLOR provides a new magical experience, fuelled by creativity and technology. Are virtual YouTubers and pop-idol culture here to stay?


Big Tech: What do Q3 earnings reveal?

US earnings have overall been strong and resilient so far. But the same cannot be said about Big Tech. And, a lot of attention should be given to Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, and Alphabet, given their combined weight ...


Luxury brands: an area of growth for investors?

Earnings are out for luxury brands and the quote from LVMH CFO that “luxury is not a proxy for the general economy” is warming the spirits of investors in luxury stocks. Could luxury be an area of growth and ...


Pick your side: Bull or bear?

Stocks are on course for their worst year since 2008. And strategists have never been so divided in their forecasts for how stocks will perform for the remainder of the year. What are the bull and bear ...


Dating apps: fertile ground for innovation?

Dating apps offer a unique success story on their own. Discover the latest app novelties and whether the leading matchmaking apps could become key market darlings. And, is it time to ‘swipe right’?


Could Biogen’s Alzheimer breakthrough signal a biotech turnaround?

Shares of Biogen and Eisai exploded higher last week after announcing success in a late-stage clinical trial for Alzheimer drug Lecanemab. Could recent successes put large biotech companies back on investors’ ...


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