William Ramstein

William Ramstein

From San Francisco, William worked for Figure Technologies' capital markets blockchain trading platform, Lending Club's ABS structuring team, SoFi's BD team and Yodlee as a Sales analyst.


Why online lenders underperform market debuts

While we have seen a recent uptick in fintech stock performances for some, underperformance has been a common thread amongst online lenders in the past. Which fintech group merits your ...


Reflation trade uncertainty in European markets?

German elections won’t affect markets as much as China will. European natural gas, carbon permits, and power rising to record levels with little signs in any letdown. Euro area surveys are deteriorating, demand is ...


Global markets ‘’quick take’’ as we enter Q4

We end Q3 this week and prepare for Q4 by looking at the current macro markets—there is a lot of reshuffling happening around energy and industrials. Countries want to control supply chain led inflation—especially China—and ...


Global Market Weekly Recap: Top 10 Market Graphs (week ended: 24/9)

Monday, September 20th Graphic 1: Evergrande and Iron Ore moving downwards in synchrony


About the fintech-banking convergence...

Have banks become one with fintech, or has fintech become the new status quo? Evidence suggests the latter, but the picture ...

CryptoAsset Allocation

Bitcoin in a global investment portfolio | Portfolio Management

Should Bitcoin have a place in your portfolio’s strategy? As we close Q3 we wonder how inflation, slowing recoveries, and potential market corrections in the US will affect returns—does Bitcoin offer a solution to these problems?


Global Market Weekly Recap: Top 10 Market Graphs (week ended: 17/9)

Here are the top ten market moves from the last five days: week ended Friday September 17, 2021.

Asset Allocation

Blue-chip art investing oozing to Main Street.

Whether you love or hate any sort of art, just know that it has become an increasingly attractive and democratized investment opportunity. Collectible as an asset class should be on your radar, at least.


Are US equities heading into a storm?

Is there a storm brewing in US equities? As you know, investors face a dilemma. The pandemic has really changed markets. The S&P 500 is trading over 30X P/E, treasury yields are near zero. Finding rich prospects is hard.


CipherTrace: crypto data monetization wheels for Mastercard.

Mastercard plans for an open banking future where crypto payment transaction data may just equate to corporate survival.


What is the Chinese tech crackdown really about?

From the West, it seems as though Chinese authorities are curtailing their own success, but this is unlikely the goal. So what exactly is the reason behind the tech crackdown and what is the desired outcome?

Week Ahead

WEEK AHEAD: U.S. inflation and consumer spending

Measures of U.S. inflation and consumer spending are in focus this week.Here is the complete week ahead to get you started on the right footing.