William Ramstein

William Ramstein

From San Francisco, William worked for Figure Technologies' capital markets blockchain trading platform, Lending Club's ABS structuring team, SoFi's BD team and Yodlee as a Sales analyst.


Global Market Weekly Recap: Top 10 Market Graphs (week ended: 10/9)

#1: Stocks pull back on growth and inflation worries


Tesla of bicycles: how e-bikes are climbing to prominence.

We are in the midst of an e-bicycle inflection point! From city planning and regulation to the delivery and shared economies e-bikes are becoming commonplace.

Week Ahead

The Week Ahead: starting Monday, September 6th 2021.

The ECB seems to take center stage this week. Here is the complete week ahead to get you started on the right footing.


Global Market Weekly Recap: Top 10 Market Graphs (week ended: 8/3)

Here are the top ten market moves from the last five days: week ended Friday August 3rd.


Carbon offsets and impact investing—what is the catch?

Everyone talks about carbon trading as the solution to our climate change problems. Our current solution—carbon offsets—works, but it’s imperfect, and our ESG efforts? They are faulty.


Big banks sieged by big tech via cloud

Crypto firms want to step onto the system’s main financial railways much to the dismay of incumbent banks. While this matters, big banks have a bigger problem to deal with… Big Tech.


Top ten stories for the week ended August 27th

We hand picked some top market moves worth mentioning for the week ended August 27th.

TechnologyIPOThe Swiss Series

The Swiss Series: Astrocast is doing big things with little satellites

We have all heard of SpaceX, and the recent commercial space flight events, but the space world is not limited to rockets! Swiss-based Astrocast just went public in Oslo. They lower the cost of managing remote assets ...

The Swiss Series

Swiss shoe brand ''On'', backed by Federer, files for IPO in US!

''On'' is the Swiss equivalent of Nike for Americans. While its HQ is based in Zurich, the shoemaker also operates in the largest market in the world. It is there, in New York specifically, that On has decided to reach ...


The future of home security is in smart homes

We have some questions about covid-19’s impact on home security products. It’s a straightforward question to ask don’t you think? With people at home pretty much more than ever in the history of mankind, has the home ...


More earnings records, US leaves Afghanistan, FOMC minutes released: our top 10 stories of the week

Read the 10 stories to remember from the week which ended August 20th.


BHP is not pro ESG, it just has petroleum unit problems...

BHP buys itself a $5.7B dollar potash mine, and looks to rid itself of its oil-and-gas liabilities. The firm wants to go full-on mining and say goodbye to oil, but do not be fooled, this move is about efficiency, and not the ...