William Ramstein

William Ramstein

From San Francisco, William worked for Figure Technologies' capital markets blockchain trading platform, Lending Club's ABS structuring team, SoFi's BD team and Yodlee as a Sales analyst.


Carvana earns first profits; should I invest now?

Carvana earned its first ever quarterly profit, and a good chunk of the proceeds came from…loan sales! We look into Carvana, and whether or not it makes sense to invest right now.


Saudi Aramco's record net income on Q2 earnings explained

Aramco is the world's largest oil company, but Aramco is also more than just an oil company; it's a beacon of light for the Saudi Arabian economy. Its Q2 net income nabs at 2018 levels--a time of former glory and its IPO--why?


Facebook’s ‘’metaverse’’—a fool’s errand, or masterplan?

Have you heard that Facebook is about to develop a ‘’metaverse’’? That this metaverse will ...


Earnings beat rate record, hawkish fed, and oil volatility: our top 10 stories of the week

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Intel facing mounting competition in a never ending chip shortage

A semiconductor shortage that could stretch well into 2023, a once Silicon Valley semiconductor ruler seeing a lot of pressure, and the US government offering support.

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Top 5 things to know before investing in H2 2021

In Q2, investors feared wages and inflation would be ‘’too hot’’. In Q3 some worry GDP won’t be hot enough if earnings peak and reopening stalls... We explore elements of the second half you should know about, be excited about and be weary of. ...

MacroAsset Allocation

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Is the time right to invest in U.S. bank stocks?

Revenues fell slightly while profits rose. Trading revenues were surprisingly lower, loan growth too, but fees on M&A and underwriting soared. Q2 was a mixed bag for banks, but the future relies on a recovery. Here is what you should know ...


Are rising coffee futures prices a passing fever?

Should consumers expect a surge in the retail price of coffee? Recent constraints and market players suggest otherwise, but for how long can they incur the cost? Tchibo already threw in the towel.


E-yuan efforts behind internet stocks regulatory pressures?

In April Alibaba was fined a record $2.8B for anticompetitive practices, and this week, Didi was told to remove its application from the app stores. Result: Chinese stock markets flopped. Could a Chinese e-yuan effort be ...


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U.S. housing prices soar--are homebuilder stocks next?

With mortgage interest rates starting to