William Ramstein

William Ramstein

From San Francisco, William worked for Figure Technologies' capital markets blockchain trading platform, Lending Club's ABS structuring team, SoFi's BD team and Yodlee as a Sales analyst.

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U.S. stock indexes set record, oil climbs Everest, inflation highest pace since 2008: our Top 10 stories of the week

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Top 5 ESG-tailored industrial companies

Looking for industrial firms that also check the ESG boxes? With major economies re-opening, cyclical industrial firms have been on investors’ radar lately, so why not pepper in some ESG winners, too? You won’t believe how ...


Hacking a soaring cybersecurity epidemic | cyber-investing

Cyber attacks have become increasingly frequent, and with it demand for cybersecurity services. While cyber threats have become a real problem for many companies, investors may turn to those building the defensive ...


Top 5 energy commodity performers of 2021

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US-EU aircraft duopoly disputes grounding challenges China

A 17-year-old dispute between Boeing and Airbus ends in a deal unlocking billions of dollars in transatlantic commerce. The US and EU team-up to slow down Chinese commercial aviation industry. A look at European ...


Capital expenditure bonanza on the horizon

In 2021, real investment worldwide will be a fifth higher than before the recession. By 2022, half the firms in the S&P 500 are expecting to increase capital expenditure by a tenth. Consumers have spending money, ...


Klarna beating competition in the BNPL space: IPO ahead?

Spotify and Oatly are great, but the Swedes also have Klarna a service for shopping, paying, and banking, all in one place. Klarna is Europe’s most anticipated IPO right now, but why are they ...

Maritime shipping: implications of a structural demand shift and capacity supply crunch.

Low-cost shipping is essential to world trade, but currently jeopardized by steel prices rising, a consumer demand surging and bottlenecks adding further pressure on fragile supply chains. Is there a maritime shipping ...


Twitter Blue: is the subscription model worth $360M?

Twitter is right to seek out new ...


Investing in the water thematic: Sink or Swim?

Pavan Sukhdev, a leading environmental economists said, ‘’We use nature because it is valuable—but we lose it because it is free’’. Investing in water projects and monetizing the commodity is difficult because valuing water is subject to ...


Cosmetics sector verging on unprecedented momentum?

It is fair to assume that most of us use some sort of cosmetic or beauty product; perfume, hair gel, face cream, make-up... While it may represent a relatively small fraction of our monthly spending, the recurrence of ...


Tesla in China: romance or no chance?

Tesla leads the EV pack for now, but its entrance in China will not come ...