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Are you as prepared as you can be for election night? Read on for must-see charts and articles on the 2020 US presidential election.

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Gallup Survey: American's perception of 2020 election outcome


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No alt text provided for this image5 wildcards to upend the US election

Some wildcards that could swing the US election result either towards a Biden landslide or open it up to another miracle Trump turnaround.

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Market implications of Trump & Biden policies

There is no guarantee the presidential candidates will honour pre-election promises but we can make some educated guesses on possible market impact. Read more


No alt text provided for this image

Which US election result is best for gold?

Gold has had a rock-solid year (pun intended!). It has far outperformed nearly every asset class this year. But under which president will gold fair best? Read more


No alt text provided for this imageThe bullish vs. bearish case for oil under Biden

Oil prices struck a 5-month low because European lockdowns hamper energy demand. Will the breakdown continue if Biden gets elected? Learn more


No alt text provided for this imageWhat does the Trump vs. Biden presidential debate mean for markets?

Who’s the favourite to win? Does the presidential debate even matter? Who’s the investor favourite - Trump or Biden and how will markets react? Read more



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VIX curve

45% in approval rating, voting intentions for him in national polls and betting odds on re-election

U.S elections spending 2020 estimated vs. history

Likely U.S election scenarios and macro implications

S&P 500 seasonality during election years

Chart patterns in election polls - @TradingView

How the market traded in 2000 when the election result was uncertain



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