Meet the team behind FlowBank

The FlowBank team, based in Geneva, is growing every month. Although we all have different roles and jobs we share a desire to work together to build a Swiss digital bank that will create a new investment experience that is unique, simple, and sophisticated. 

Our bank brings an incredibly diverse mix of people together and each Friday you can meet our colleagues as part of our "Meet" Series.

Meet our finance experts, tech and mobile development team alongside content and marketing personnel, product staff alongside UX /UI designers, and more. Get to know more about their daily work and why the enjoy working at FlowBank.




23 October 2020

We have the great pleasure to introduce the Banking Applications team.


office pic prt2 (2)

Banking Applications team


What is your teams’ biggest contribution to the launch of  FlowBank?

To be the technological heart of this adventure is both unique and exciting. We are proud to provide products that will surpass our client's expectations while ensuring full compliance with banking regulations.


As a team, when do you find your moment of flow?

United around a singular project, we experience flow as we progress daily.





02 October 2020

We have the great pleasure to introduce Rosario Perfetto.

DSC00762-1Rosario Perfetto, Dealer


How do you feel being part of FlowBank?

It is hard to find something more thrilling than being part of FlowBank! Everyone knows what needs to be done, and the atmosphere in the office is exceptional. There are a lot of things to be put into place, the challenge is to do it without impacting the service offered to clients.


What's your moment of Flow?

It happens when I am on my bike, going downhill at 70km per hour. I analyze different flows of information (curves, traffic, and obstacles) while at the same time enjoyingthe speed. 




Rosario Perfetto is  one of our Dealers. He trades orders for our HNW clients as well as retail clients on various asset classes at FlowBank.




25 September 2020

We have the great pleasure to introduce Sheryl Wee-Bankhauser.


DSC00849Sheryl Wee-Bankhauser, Customer Support Agent


How do you feel being part of FlowBank?

It’s been over a month since I joined FlowBank and I can say that I’ve been nothing but happy coming to work every day. Being part of the customer support team is like being at the United Nations in a multilanguage environment with colleagues from different parts of the world – this is something you definitely can’t find everywhere. People are so friendly here and willing to help and support you. The cool part about working for a new bank is that I get to see and experience its growth. I am excited to see what’s to come once we launch. I’m sure that it will be amazing!


What's your moment of Flow?

I find my moment of flow when I’m kayaking around Lake Leman while enjoying the scenic view that always leaves me in awe. 

Sheryl Wee-Bankhauser is our Customer Support Agent. She plays an important part in supporting our customers and clients from Asia on all FlowBank products & services requests and technical issues.



18 September 2020

We have the great pleasure to introduce Charles-Antoine Verney. 


CAV for hubspot-1

Charles-Antoine Verney, Digital Project Manager


How do you feel being part of FlowBank?

At FlowBank, it's like playing in the big league: working with experienced pros is a great challenge that motivates me to grow every day. It’s stimulating to see something new being brought to the table. So exciting to launch a new bank in Geneva. I feel lucky being here from the start.


What's your moment of Flow?

My moment of Flow is when I am on the golf course, focusing on the perfect swing, dealing with bump-and-runs, keep fighting the unexpected. It’s a constant challenge.  

Charles-Antoine Verney is our Digital Project Manager. He is overseeing and leading the development of the FlowBank App and other interesting projects.

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