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With Treasury yields at 5%, Are stocks still worth it?

The spike in the 10-year Treasury yield to 5% has spurred discussions about the implications for stocks, loans, and bonds in investment portfolios.


Forex Trading: Swiss Franc Reclaims Safe Haven Status, Euro Awaits ECB, and USD Eyes Economic Data

In the midst of the conflict between Hamas and Israel, investors are flocking to safe havens, particularly favoring gold and the Swiss franc. Remarkably, the Swiss franc has emerged as the best-performing currency of ...


Upcoming Earnings Reports - Can Mega-cap Tech Earnings Lead a Q4 Rally?

All eyes are now on the upcoming third-quarter earnings reports from mega-cap technology companies.


Forex Trading: Middle East Conflict Triggers Oil And Gold Rally, Impacting Currencies

It's been over a week since the Hamas terrorist attacks on October 7, 2023, which marked the beginning of hostilities with Israel.


Birkenstock IPO: A step forward for your portfolio?

The recent Birkenstock IPO has left investors oscillating between the excitement of investing in a time-honored brand and the apprehension rooted in its weak debut performance.


How do index CFDs work? | Indices 101

Index Contracts for Difference (Index CFDs) have emerged as an expedient avenue for trading the comprehensive stock market, offering an attractive choice for investors seeking to diversify their portfolio without the need to ...


Forex Trading: Geopolitical Turmoil, Oil Rally And US CPI Poised to Set Markets On Risk-Off Mode

Financial markets have awakened to a fresh wave of geopolitical turbulence, ignited by the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas militants. This development has raised concerns about the potential for further ...


Nike (NKE) stock

Stumped by Nike Inc.'s stock fluctuations? Unpack the trends, opportunities, and risks with our in-depth analysis of the famous sneaker company’s latest earnings and future prospects.


Forex Trading: The EUR/USD Parity Journey Faces US Job Market Test

The euro witnessed its eleventh consecutive week of declines, marking its most prolonged negative streak since the introduction of the single currency.


Cathie Wood’s Portfolio: ARK Selling TSLA buying PLTR

If you follow the latest investment buzz, you’ve probably heard of Cathie Wood and her ARK Innovation ETF (ARKK).


What is Ray Dalio’s investing Strategy? And why isn’t it working?

Ray Dalio, notable for founding Bridgewater Associates, the most prominent hedge fund worldwide, is renowned as a self-made billionaire with an intriguing approach to investment strategy. His prowess in finance ...


Forex Trading: Dollar Flexes Its Muscles, Pound and Franc Surrender

It has been a week filled with central bank meetings, and there have been some surprises compared to the forecasts.