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Why is investing in stocks generally profitable over the long term?

If investors dream of winning money, they fear losing money. However, the data shows that, by and large, investing in stocks over the long term is unlikely to give you a negative return. Why is that so?

Technology   Energy

Cheaper and cleaner energy with smaller nuclear reactors

Creating energy with smaller nuclear plants the size of a garbage can? That is what the small modular reactor (SMR) technology offers. But what are SMRs and what are their advantages over conventional nuclear power plants?

Cryptocurrencies   blockchain   Emerging Markets

Disrupting financial structures for social good: Cardano

Some developing nations lack the financial structures developed nations seek to disrupt. However, for Cardano, this disruptive force could enable developing nations to leapfrog past present structural obstacles.

Asset Allocation

The week ahead: focus on fiscal stimulus, Wal-Mart, Roku and U.S Retail Sales

Read the key events to monitor for the week which starts on February 15, 2021.  

Asset Allocation

A flood of liquidity is lifting all boats: Global equities, US Small Caps, Bitcoin, Altcoins, Oil, Palladium, etc. Attached our 10 stories of the week.

Read the 10 stories to remember from the week which ended February 12th, 2021.  

Technology   Future Series   3D Printing

Bye bye traditional manufacturing, the future is 3D-printed

The pandemic proved us that our traditional manufacturing methods were outdated. We were too slow to react and produce the devices we needed to survive. 3D printing will be the next revolution of manufacturing and prototyping, with a speed suited to our fast-paced world.

Stocks   Online Dating

Why Tinder boss Match Group loves your swipes

There is no price on love which is why Hyperconnect’s $1.725 billion price tag was but a ''formality'' for Match Group. After a successful Bumble IPO, and with Valentine’s day just around the corner we now turn our attention towards Match Group (MTCH).

Stocks   Cannabis   WallStreetBets   Reddit

There is more to pot stocks than just a Reddit short squeeze of Tilray

Shares of Tilray and other Cannabis stocks were pumped and dumped by Reddit group WallStreetBets. But there is more to weed stocks than WSB.

Private equity   IPO

What is a SPAC? The secret of these "blank check companies"

Special purpose acquisition company, synonym of “mountain of cash waiting for a merger”, has become an increasingly popular way for companies to go public. But how do they work, why do we use them, and what are their inherent risks?

Metals   Technical Analysis   Gold

A ‘death cross’ for the gold price isn’t as scary as it sounds

A death cross in gold price is a technical indicator used by traders looking for signs of a bear market and it looks like one is imminent in gold.

Technology   Consumer Electronics

The Swiss Series : Logitech gains during pandemic

Logitech is the swiss giant making your computer peripherals. They have seen an upswing in sales because of work from home mandates, and are full throttle on the esports future. 

Cryptocurrencies   ESG investing   blockchain

Creating income from trees, without cutting them down

The goal: save the planet. The tools: biodiverse lands, blockchain, tokenization and a stock exchange for natural values. Single.Earth might be sowing the seeds of a revolution in the way we preserve nature.