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2021 in Review

Milestones and challenges that are likely to spill over into 2022

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December MonthlyFlow - 2022 Outlook

Key takeaways for 2022: Omicron does not change our outlook, for now Growth to stay solid & inflation higher for longer, but still “transitory” ...

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Are women better money managers than men?

In this article, we will explore the relationship of women with their money and how it is sometimes rather different than men. For a long time, the canon was to leave the finances in the hands of men, but if we look ...

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MonthlyFlow November

Key takeaways for November: Investors are climbing the wall of worry, which should carry into the end of the year Markets are pricing in too aggressive a tightening path from the ...

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Did September kill the 60/40 portfolio? – Asset Allocation

While investing 60% in equities and 40% in bonds was a safe play for decades, this strategy has faced some obstacles in recent weeks. But should we forget decades of results or just hold steady and look through the noise? Are there ways to ...

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Bitcoin in a global investment portfolio | Portfolio Management

Should Bitcoin have a place in your portfolio’s strategy? As we close Q3 we wonder how inflation, slowing recoveries, and potential market corrections in the US will affect returns—does Bitcoin offer a solution to these problems?

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Blue-chip art investing oozing to Main Street.

Whether you love or hate any sort of art, just know that it has become an increasingly attractive and democratized investment opportunity. Collectible as an asset class should be on your radar, at least.

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Top-down analysis of current markets | Portfolio Management

A lot of factors are to be considered when building a portfolio, one of them being a top-down approach. In recent weeks, lots has happened in the markets. Our topic of the day is how someone might think about the ...

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Top 5 things to know before investing in H2 2021

In Q2, investors feared wages and inflation would be ‘’too hot’’. In Q3 some worry GDP won’t be hot enough if earnings peak and reopening stalls... We explore elements of the second half you should know about, be excited about and be weary of. ...

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Small caps fade, inflation rise, but retail pops: our Top 10 stories of the week

Read the 10 stories to remember from the week which ended July 16.

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U.S. stock indexes set record, oil climbs Everest, inflation highest pace since 2008: our Top 10 stories of the week

Read the 10 stories to remember from the week which ended June 25.

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10 punishing investor sayings according to Peter Lynch

Many people want to be investors, but not all investors are qualified. In fact, common mistakes are often repeated, again and again, hurting investors results and profits. In this article, Peter Lynch warns you about all dangerous ideas you ought ...