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Sony’s newfound success and profession as an arms dealer in streaming

Why try to beat the Lannister’s when you have the opportunity to be the iron bank? In this article, we highlight Sony’s excellent strategy to stay afloat in the streaming industry without offering a streaming service.

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Rent your device instead of buying it: Grover and the era of upgrades

Why buy a device and have to keep it for years when you can change it whenever you want? Grover proposes a solution to never be stuck with your laptop or smartphone, let alone the debt that often comes with it.

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Facebook’s mysterious wristband: the start of a paradigm shift?

Facebook has been testing new computing inputs using a sensor-filled wrist wearable. The question is: will this work and deepen our ties with the social media? Most likely yes.

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Semiconductors are the new diamonds: will Taiwan keep pace?

Amidst the semi-conductor shortage, impairing car production and consumers electronics, countries like the US and Germany have written letters to the Taiwanese government, asking for help. What will Taiwan do to face this massive demand?

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Swiss Stocks: Logitech gains during pandemic

Logitech is the swiss giant making your computer peripherals. They have seen an upswing in sales because of work from home mandates, and are full throttle on the esports future.