Market Insights


Supply chain bottlenecks: is the end in sight?

The good news is that the global economy is recovering. The bad news is that supply is not matching this demand. First, companies were not prepared for the speed and scale of the recovery. Second, with ongoing Covid risks disrupting production, ...


How did Moderna reach the moon? Mars next?

Moderna stock has rallied from around $104 per share at the ...


Is the impact of the covid resurgence on Indian markets overhyped?

Indian markets are facing headwinds from a pandemic resurgence that has spooked foreign investors, and inflation threats loom. But falling Indian share prices could provide opportunities for those looking through the ...


Covid is a chance for pharma to gain our confidence back

Big pharma has been unloved in the last decade, both for safety and money reasons. However, these are heady times for the industry, both from the financial gains to be made from the covid vaccine and the marketing and PR value of having developed ...


Factories will struggle to keep up with rising demand

As vaccines are rolling out and social distancing measures are loosening up, the economy is getting back on track. However, we have rarely seen such a quick recovery, and many companies struggle to adapt to the new cruising speed.


Sweden country profile: Swedish Krona soars against the Dollar

The Swedish Krona has been in the news lately. Our research into the country will offer you an overview of why Sweden caught our attention at FlowBank and why there is more than just the Krona going for it.


Investing perspective going into 2021

This year we experienced our first recession since the global meltdown of 2008, we radically changed our lifestyles, we confined, we lost our jobs, we saw dislocating ...


Vaccine trade: Buying indices of where the virus hit worse

A new trade is taking shape this week of buying indices like Spain’s IBEX and Italy’s FTSE MIB following vaccine news from Pfizer/BioNtech and now Moderna


The race for COVID-19 vaccine, bet on the best horse

Two races are currently taking place in our backyard: rich countries are fighting to secure a large volume of vaccine for its population and pharmaceutical companies are sprinting to the phase 3 finish line to get their drug approved. The ...


Bitcoin pops on Square block buy, Dow highest in a month - DAY AHEAD

The price of Bitcoin got a boost from payment company Square buying $50 million in BTC, the Turkish lira dropped and the Dow Jones finished at its highest in a month.


Cineworld turns its projector off

Cineworld will operate major closing this week, putting on hold all of its movie theatres in the US and the UK, leaving over 45’000 workers unemployed.


AstraZeneca: the new potential healing druid

The pharma giant AstraZeneca is working on a new vaccine for Covid-19 and could be well on its way to success.