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Bitcoin and Ether's Rally: A Closer Look at the Recent Market Surge

In early March 2024, the cryptocurrency market witnessed an extraordinary surge, with Bitcoin and


Bitcoin ETFs: The New Opportunity

Finally, ...


Is a Spot Bitcoin ETF really a reason to be bullish BTC?

The recent surge in Bitcoin's price, reaching over $44,000 for the first time since April 2022 hinges around the development of a spot Bitcoin ETF.


Does the Crypto Crash Resume 2023 or is a Reversal Coming?

The crypto bear market this year has so far shown little sign of ending, especially with the collapse of FTX. Does it get worse, or will 2023 bring some green shoots?


FTX — destroying trust in what is supposed to be trustless

After a tumultuous few days FTX looks to be facing imminent collapse, the poster boy of the crypto world has almost overnight become the pariah, while almost single handedly setting the industry back years by ...


Ethereum Staking Yields

On September 15th, Ethereum transitioned from a Proof of Work (PoW) network to a Proof of Stake (PoS). This change to PoS means that consensus is now derived from a randomly selected group of validators instead of ...


What are stablecoins?

The appetite for stablecoins, from both the demand and supply side, is clearly as strong as ever. Since January 2021, they have grown 450% to $154bn, with Tether, Circle and Binance accounting for over 90% of all ...

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The Bitcoin Price outlook against a Strong USD

Bitcoin prices have been hovering around the USD20'000 mark for quite some time now, here we explore what might be the potential price catalyst from a US Dollar valuation perspective.


The recent surge in Bitcoin – what does it mean?

In the last couple of weeks, Bitcoin has been steadily rising in price, with the token at one point briefly moving above USD25'000, its highest over the past two months and up over 40% from its June lows. This begs ...


What is different about this crypto winter?

Cryptocurrencies have gone through several major drops in their history — known as “crypto winters”. But could the market’s expansion and increasing adoption from Main Street to Wall Street mean there is more at stake ...


The Bitcoin price outlook in a recession

With the recent CPI data from the United States, it would be easy to believe that the US Federal Reserve (FED) will be increasingly hawkish on interest rates, which in turn would be likely to weigh on Bitcoin prices ...


What now for crypto after the Luna / Terra crash?

The meltdown in Luna and its TerraUSD stablecoin brought chaos to crypto markets. This raises the question of whether stablecoins are understood and potentially offer a rare buying opportunity for ‘quality’ crypto ...