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UAE equities: a successful recovery from the pandemic

The UAE is one of the pandemic's top gainers; high oil prices, value stocks, real estate markets improving, covid-19 cases under control, and geopolitical stability make up the backdrop to what could be a greenfield opportunity.  

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What the current equity rotation means for investors

After a strong year for technology and growth stocks a great equity rotation is taking place. The question is how long will it last? Value and small caps could be taking center stage this year, but not without any ...

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Disrupting financial structures for social good: Cardano

Some developing nations lack the financial structures developed nations seek to disrupt. However, for Cardano, this disruptive force could enable developing nations to leapfrog past present ...

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Investing perspective going into 2021

This year we experienced our first recession since the global meltdown of 2008, we radically changed our lifestyles, we confined, we lost our jobs, we saw dislocating ...


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Eurozone business growth IHS Markit Composite PMI is at 6-month low

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Consumers will see their wallets shrink as they are the ones incurring rising costs.

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Fintech VC deals YTD have crowded out the rest