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The streaming war: who can become the king of streaming services?

Those days when you used to go to the store to buy DVDs and CDs are long gone. People want entertainment right from the comfort of their couch, and they require quality production. The streaming war has begun: who will win?

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Nent's Viaplay: the only European competition to Netflix

We all know about Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney+, but do we have a European-born streaming service strong enough to compete with the giants? In fact, we might.

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Fox Corp stock drops after Trump tweet storm [Investing in the media]

Fox Corp stock dropped after US President Trump vented about its election coverage. Will Fox rebound and what other opportunities are there in media?

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Nintendo won the pandemic, but war is coming

Nintendo did great during the pandemic, but Microsoft and Sony are joining the arena with new gladiators. Who holds the future of console gaming?

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Should you play the Roblox IPO game?

Does creating one of the most successful computer games for children of all time qualify Roblox as a good IPO investment?


Mattel stock up to the roof thanks to Barbie

With the pandemic, toy manufacturers such as Mattel have recorded rising sales thanks to an increasing demand for toys. And Mattel stock is now back to February levels.