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The reasons why the Vimeo IPO flopped

Is Vimeo the first tech growth firm to see a flopped IPO? Of course not. Are they the first to seriously challenge YouTube? Yes.


Pet stocks are not just pandemic stocks—who let the dogs out?

While quarantines may have stirred people’s desires to own pets, pet stocks should not be strictly categorized as covid-era stocks—after all, cats and dogs tend to live at least a decade!


How Ubisoft could see a share price revival

Ubisoft stock could be about to experience tailwinds from new console releases, network effects from a boom during covid its new ownership of Star Wars games.


The streaming war: who can become the king of streaming services?

Those days when you used to go to the store to buy DVDs and CDs are long gone. People want entertainment right from the comfort of their couch, and they require quality production. The streaming war has begun: who will win?


Why Tinder boss Match Group loves your swipes

There is no price on love which is why Hyperconnect’s $1.725 billion price tag was but a ''formality'' for Match Group. After a successful


Nent's Viaplay: the only European competition to Netflix

We all know about Netflix,


Online dating app : table is set for a bumble IPO

The advent of social media has changed the way we meet and has brought the dating world directly to our fingertips. We explore how Bumble is monetizing relationships through its mobile apps and navigating its competitive industry.


Dr Martens will move to public markets

There is not a shoe more iconically British than the classic Dr Martens. According to a filing on Monday, the company will soon go public. It would be one of the first big initial public offerings for 2021 on the London Stock Exchange.


Fox Corp stock drops after Trump tweet storm [Investing in the media]

Fox Corp stock dropped after US President Trump vented about its election coverage. Will Fox rebound and what other opportunities are there in media?


Nintendo won the pandemic, but war is coming

Nintendo did great during the pandemic, but Microsoft and Sony are joining the arena with new gladiators. Who holds the future of console gaming?


How to trade in Roblox stock? The Roblox IPO date is March 10

Investing in Roblox stock will be possible on March 10, the RBLX IPO date. But does being a successful gaming company mean it will be a good nvestment?


Mattel stock up to the roof thanks to Barbie

With the pandemic, toy manufacturers such as Mattel have recorded rising sales thanks to an increasing demand for toys. And Mattel stock is now back to February levels. 


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S&P 500 futures dipped under their 50-day MA

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Energy prices are on the rise, with an direct impact on global inflation

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Operating profit margin for the S&P at an all-time high of 13.5%