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Creating income from trees, without cutting them down

The goal: save the planet. The tools: biodiverse lands, blockchain, tokenization and a stock exchange for natural values. Single.Earth might be sowing the seeds of a revolution in the way we preserve nature.

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Green bonds are the new cool: a glimpse into 2021

Green bonds are seeing an increasing popularity and investors should be ready for their arrival as policymakers are looking for ways to kick off a sustainable Corona recovery. So what are green bonds ?

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5 mega trends to know about going into 2021

Want to enhance your long term position? Here are the main trends you should keep in mind in 2021.

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Amazon reveals its first Robotaxi

You know the drill when you’re calling an Uber: you never know whether you'll have to talk or not (sometimes it's fun, other times, a little awkward). Fear no more, you asocial beings: the time has (almost) come for driverless robotaxis.

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Uranium stocks are (radio)active. The next big thing in ESG investing?

There has been a burst of activity in Uranium stocks with double digit single day gains following a US bill that classified uranium alongside other minerals as vital to national security.

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Yet another SPAC: The Lion Electric EVs

The EV bus and truck company is looking to go public via SPAC in the beginning of next year.

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3 French businessmen creating the next European Food Champion

Xavier Niel, Mathieu Pigasse and Moez-Alexandre Zouari, decided to raise 300m euros for a blank-cheque company and establish a vertically integrated player in the organic industry.

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Copper hits 2-year high in new era of ‘sustainability’ and China-based contracts

A reputation as ‘sustainable’, new renminbi contracts and booming infrastructure spending in China just sent copper prices to a 2 year high.

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Thematic investing using ETFs

Every so often a new theme or megatrend emerges in the world and exchange traded funds (ETFs) have become a popular vehicle for investors to take advantage.

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Oil rose 10% in one day, time to look again at Big Oil stocks

Oil sprung higher this week, given a new lease of life by promising vaccine news. The oil price gains make beaten up Big Oil stocks worth another look.

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The top 10 most widely held stocks in ESG investment funds

The environmental, social and governance polices of a company have become an important investment consideration. Check out these top 10 ESG stocks.