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The conclusion of a recent thematic ETF study will surprise you

Is Thematic ETF investing for you? Explore this short review article to gain some insight into the world of specialized ETFs.

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Think like a portfolio manager, and consider capitalizing on megatrend ETFs

We talked about megatrends  in our 2021 outlook article, so let's follow up here and answer the following question; how can I invest in a broad portfolio of underlying megatrend companies ?

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Investment themes for 2021 and beyond

We have identified our top six themes with which to base your investment in the coming year.

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Learn about the Permanent Portfolio that Jeff Gundlach likes

The ‘Permanent Portfolio’ is the brainchild of Harry Browne who wrote the book ‘fail-safe investing’. ‘Bond king’ Jeffrey Gundlach has recommended it.

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Buy British! Schroders talks up “once in a generation opportunity”

Asset manager Schroders is creating a ‘British opportunities trust’ fund to invest in undervalued UK stocks. Time to have a second look at buying British?

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These 2 relative strength charts are a bad omen for tech stocks

Comparing the relative performance of the Nasdaq 100 and Russell 2000 indices as well as tech and financial stock ETFs offers some insight into a possible change in market leadership.

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Thematic investing using ETFs

Every so often a new theme or megatrend emerges in the world and exchange traded funds (ETFs) have become a popular vehicle for investors to take advantage.

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Hedge fund repeats CDS trade that netted $2.6 billion in March

Billionaire Bill Ackman the founder of hedge fund Pershing Square Capital has put on another big trade betting against corporate credit markets. What has he done?

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Example trade of using a CFD to go short

What can you do to benefit when stock markets are falling? There are two choices: buy something that rises when other markets fall or go short.

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Real estate: home to big returns despite the pandemic

Housing related stocks and ETFs have been doing surprisingly well in the last year, despite all that is going sideways. Tech might not be the only very profitable area to invest in.

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Top ETF sectors of 2020

Sector performance since the start of the year: who are the winners and losers?  

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Staples & tech sectors rising together is unusual

The pandemic has led to an unusual parallel strong performance in both technology and consumer staples sectors, as demonstrated by Kroger Q2 earnings.