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Shifting ECB Views Driving EUR

Into the end of last year, the idea of central banks pivoting away from aggressive tightening campaigns was one of the main market themes.

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The Mighty Dollar: A Surprising Comeback in the Making

The US dollar has been on a surge in recent times, and this has raised concerns in the financial markets about the implications for global economic growth and the performance of other currencies, such as the ...


Will EUR Rally Continue over Coming Quarters?

The recovery rally in EUR has become one of the key market themes of the new year. On the back of the roughly 17% loss in EURUSD across 2022, the pair has since recovered around 75% of these losses since Q4 last year.


EUR vs JPY: Trading the China Reopening

Traders are eyeing the recent easing of China's strict covid restrictions as possibly laying the groundwork for a forthcoming abandonment of its zero covid policy. In forex markets, both EUR and JPY stand to possibly benefit.


A Rising Chance the USD Correction Becomes a Reversal

The Dollar Index has fallen over 8% from the multi-decade highs printed in September, moving from around $114 to $105. As we round out the year, traders are now questioning whether the downturn marks the start of a reversal lower, or if this is ...

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Is the US dollar (finally) peaking?

The US dollar turned weaker across the board last week on the back of expectations that we are past peak Fed hawkishness. Have we seen the USD peak, and could it drift lower from here?


EURCHF Parity Could Signal Further Euro Declines

The steep drop in the euro has come back into focus this week with EURUSD plunging to fresh 2022 lows, now down over 11% on the year. However, perhaps the most notable development is EURCHF holding below ...

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Has the dollar finally topped?

The US Dollar has had a very busy year. Following an 11% rally off the initial lows in January, which saw the Dollar Index breaking out to multi-year highs, we then saw an almost 4% correction before the greenback found fresh demand and rallied a ...


Could the euro fall as much as the yen just did?

The euro has had a rough 2022 so far, and that follows a near-10% drop versus the USD in 2021. Are we close to the bottom or is the Japanese yen, which just nose-dived to a 20-year low, a sign of things to come? 


The euro turns 20. What's next?

The euro turned 20 years old on January 1st, much to the relief of the citizens who adopted it, but to the surprise of some economists who’ve been predicting a euro break-up for years. So what’s next for the euro?


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