Market Insights


EVs without rare earths - time to own Tesla again?

Tesla stock has been staging a recovery from its year-to-date lows, but sentiment for the stock remains shaky as Elon Musk focuses on Twitter and tech stocks falter. Are rare-earth free batteries a game-changer? ...


Instacart: is it the right time to go public?

This month, Instacart filed an application with the US Securities and Exchange Commission to go public. The growing demand for online grocery ordering and, of course, the pandemic, have driven the company's business in recent years.


Nio, between Covid and hope

China's "zero-covid" policy is weighing heavily on the economy, and Nio, one of China's most famous electric car manufacturers, has suffered a production stoppage due to a severely restrictive policy and a lack of parts from suppliers.


Electric two-wheelers in China

Slower Chinese growth is worrying, but the e-scooter market tells another story. This short take on the industry will shed light on regulation, competition, and headwinds.


Rivian: the power of hope

Rivian Automative's IPO marked the biggest IPO of 2021, turning the dynamics of the automotive industry on its head. The Jeff Bezos-backed electric carmaker has only sold 156 cars so far, but has managed to raise over ...


What is a car company doing in the trillion-dollar club?

After its largest one-time sales contract, thanks to Hertz, Tesla’s market capitalization crossed the trillion dollar threshold. How can a car company that makes 1% of the market’s sales be worth more than the 9 other largest automakers ...


Ford is doubling capacity to meet demand for its F-150 EV pick up

“This sucker’s quick” said Joe Biden when he drove a prototype of the new Ford vehicle. While Ford has not yet delivered one single F-150 Lightening – its all-electric pick-up truck – to the market, it is already doubling its production ...


Lyft capturing mobility’s resurgence

Face it, sometimes, there is no way to drive and ride-hailing solutions like Lyft and Uber are the way to go. But what is Lyft up to these days?


Tesla in China: romance or no chance?

Tesla leads the EV pack for now, but its entrance in China will not come ...


Electric Lamborghinis? EV supercars are coming.

Lamborghini is the latest super car to announce its pivot into the EV space. It's setting the stage for its 2024 electric car offering. What does this mean for


Charging stations have become a bottleneck to EV development

While EV sales keep soaring, we might have neglected the second step of the transformation: charging. Going for small trips close to home is easy, but how will governments and industry implement charging solutions to satisfy long-distance needs? ...


Volkswagen shoots at Tesla: building its own European giga factories

German automaker Volkswagen has big plans to challenge Tesla; ...