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FlowBank Insider

Meet the team behind FlowBank

The FlowBank team, based in Geneva, is growing every month. Although we all have different roles and jobs we share a desire to work together to build a Swiss digital bank that will create a new investment experience that is unique, simple, and sophisticated.  Our bank brings an incredibly diverse mix of people together and each Friday you can meet our colleagues as part of our "Meet" Series.

FlowBank Insider

The Path to Flow

Most of us have habits and patterns that prevent us from actualizing the best version of ourselves. It's possible to create a life full of Flow, but you need to start at some point. If you've been looking for this point: This is it!

FlowBank Insider

The Four F's of Flow

Self-doubt, uncertainties, distractions, pointless comparisons with more successful people than ourselves, or simply fear cost us a lot of time and energy and prevent us from realizing our potential and from being successful.