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Plant-based fish as the next big opportunity?

One of the fastest growing segments of plant-based food is not on land, but in the sea! Here’s a quick overview of the alt-fish situation for investors who might have missed the alt-meat and dairy boom.


Tractor Supply Co. – Selling everything you need to start a farm

Want to start a chicken farm for $30? Look no further, as Tractor Supply has got everything you need. The do it yourself trend brought by the pandemic has greatly benefited the company, here's how they're doing.


Forget the semiconductor shortage, we are out of ketchup!

If you do not get enough ketchup packets during your next cheat-meal, please do not blame it on the fast-food worker. It is, like many shortage issues this past year, Covid-19’s fault.


How vertical farms are revolutionizing agribusiness

Urban planners are tasked with answering some pressing inquiries: how can farming be brought closer to consumers; is digital agriculture an essential ingredient for making cities ...


FoodTech coming in hot! JustKitchen uses cloud tech to facilitate food delivery

The restaurant industry is seeing a rough and unprecedented era, but cloud kitchens are offering a way out. JustKitchen is capitalizing on a blooming food ...


McDonald's price target upgraded by UBS. Why?

The marginal benefit of the McCafe is most likely a much greater contributing factor to their success than we thought, especially with Starbucks coming in hot.


Toast, the DineTech startup, soars to an 8 billion valuation

It was not an easy year for a company focused on serving restaurants, but it seems like they managed to pull it off, and with grace. How?


Nestlé gets into home-delivered meals with Freshly

The food giant Nestlé recently acquired the fresh meal start-up Freshly for about a billion dollar. What is the strategy behind this move?


Can Uber Eat and Postmates steal market shares from Amazon Prime?

In our times, the food delivery war is fierce. Uber is competing with contenders like DoorDash, Deliveroo,, Instacart, Grubhub and many others. Postmates is not a competitor anymore, as they acquired the company earlier this year. ...


Meat without animals: Beyond Meat

Our friends at Investor's Business Daily recently published an article about Beyond Meat, one of the leading vegan meat providers in the US. Should you buy the stock? Let's see what they recommend. ...


Winc, the new Netflix of wine

If you're a little techy and you like wine, you probably know Vivino, the startup who already raised $56.3 million and helps you choose a wine from a restaurant menu or give you ...

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Alphabet’s robots take care of plants – better than we do

The question was: “what if every single plant could be monitored and given exactly the nutrition it needed?” Well, looks like if this is the case, great things could happen. Here’s why.


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