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What happens to the franc if the US labels Switzerland a currency manipulator?

The Swiss franc is the top G10 FX riser in 2020 despite direct intervention from the SNB that could land the country labelled as a currency manipulator.


Political events that could drive investments flows in 2021

Like it or not, the decisions of policymakers play an increasing role in financial markets so we’ve made this handy guide to political events in 2021.


GBP/USD should breakout after a Brexit trade deal but shorts will be tempted by risk: reward

Surprise surprise its December and there is no post-Brexit trade deal! Surely an agreement will be reached in the end BUT the risk: reward to taking the other side is interesting


These days investors 'dig' commodity currencies...

A jump in basic resource prices has seen the Aussie and Loonie at their highest in 2 years vs the dollar. Can commodity FX keep doing the heavy lifting?


EUR/USD hits 1.20 - euro traders fade EU budget drama

The euro-dollar exchange rate (EUR/USD) is at its highest in 3 months amid dollar weakness and efforts to finally pass the EU budget & recovery fund.


XRP price moves turn euphoric on chance Ripple will be used by central banks

Ripple’s token XRP is the top-rising cryptocurrency this week with strong competition. Is a weekly rise of 150% a bubble or the beginning of something huge?


Tide turns for Turkish lira after interest rates yanked to 15% #USDTRY

The Turkish lira is starting to reverse a multi-year slump after the newly-installed central bank governor just hiked interest rates to a massive 15%.


Playing the reflation trade through the Kiwi dollar

The New Zealand dollar - affectionately known as the kiwi - just hit its highest level since March 2019. The currency stands to benefit from the 'reflation trade'.  


Wild election in Forex! What’s next for the Dollar?

Currencies have been all over the shot on polling day and in the hours afterwards. Financial markets and betting odds have fluctuated wildly.


Tech execs defend section 230 - DAY AHEAD

The day ahead will see internet company executives attend a Senate hearing on liability law, earnings from Etsy and a rate decision in Canada.


Can PayPal finally take Bitcoin mainstream?

PayPal has entered the world of cryptocurrency trading and it could be a very big deal for price and adoption of Bitcoin and other cryptos.


Central bank digital currencies: CBDC FAQs

There is a new kind of currency in town- the Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) could revolutionise banking, make transacting easier and cheaper but reduce privacy.


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