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2 September 2020

Australia in recession, ADP & Barratt earnings

For the day ahead we've got Australia Q2 GDP data which is expected to show Australia in a technical recession, US ADP employment data- as well as earnings from Barratt Developments, CrowdStrike and Macy’s.


Best August since '84, the RBA & Zoom earnings

Today will be all about whether equity markets can sustain the positive momentum after the best August in years and yesterday’s Apple and Tesla stock splits.

ForexTechnical Analysis

4 Simple Ways to Determine a Price Trend

Trend following is one of the most basic trading strategies employed by traders. Here are four of the simplest ways to determine a price trend.

ForexTechnical Analysis

An Introduction to Forex Signals

New forex traders often use trade signals, often based on technical analysis to help them determine the best time to buy or sell a specific pair.


Basics of Harmonic Patterns & Harmonic Trading

Harmonic Trading is a way to analyse financial markets by recognising specific price patterns and the alignment of Fibonacci ratios to determine potential ...

ForexTechnical Analysis

Reasons the dollar could bottom out

The trend in the USD is down and in currency markets it is usually a good idea to follow the trend BUT.... here are some reasons not to.


EUR/USD Fundamentals (part 1: Treasury-Bund yield spread)

The EUR/USD is the most traded currency pair in the forex market, and the most liquid asset in the world - so it pays to understand its fundamentals.


British pound near 5-month top as UK enters steep recession

The United Kingdom has just experienced a truly historic recession, with GDP falling -20.4% in the second quarter. What next for the British pound?

6 August 2020

US jobs report & summer recess

Today is all about the US jobs report (non-farm payrolls) - but it’s also the last chance for Congress to agree a stimulus bill before their Summer recess.


Non-farm payrolls: EUR/USD trading strategy

We review the price action on EUR/USD from the past three non-farm payroll days to help us find reoccurring patterns of behaviour ahead of the August 7 NFP release.


Pound jumps after BOE dodges NIRP

The British pound has jumped to a 5-month high (GBP/USD) after the Bank of England concluded it was better to avoid negative interest rates in the UK.


Trading strategy : breakouts or pullbacks?

Trading breakouts or pullbacks, which is better? This is a hotly contested debate, even among professional traders – but it shouldn’t be!


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