Market Insights

4 August 2020

ADP data & Moderna, BMW, Square Earnings

US July ADP unemployment and global service sector data is out Wednesday while Moderna, Square, BMW and Nikola are reporting Q2 earnings.


Worst month in a decade for the dollar

August; a typically choppy month in forex markets will follow the worst monthly decline for the US dollar in over 10 years. Will the buck’s rebound in the last two days continue?


The Swiss franc & 6 months of deflation

Switzerland has now recorded 6 months of consumer price contraction. Now, does the Swiss National Bank need to do more?

2 August 2020

Swiss CPI, PMIs & HSBC Earnings

HSBC report Q2 earnings amid all the controversy over Hong Kong, Switzerland is expected to show a 6th straight month of CPI deflation and global July manufacturing PMIs are released.

29 July 2020

Big Tech Earnings & Germany + US GDP

Big Tech - Apple, Amazon, Alphabet and Facebook report Q2 earnings and Q2 GDP data is out from Germany and the United States where expectations are for a huge 34% drop.


How do Financial Markets Work?

The five important elements to understand how financial markets work are market structure, market participants, liquidity, pricing and the spread.


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