Market Research

Drones   Future Series

Why drone commercial applications make it an exciting investment!

Drones are made famous because they will change the delivery business, but their applications go beyond transporting parcels. Commercial use cases include safety, monitoring, agriculture, and construction.

E-commerce   Future Series   Digital Wallet

Why mobile wallets disrupt transactions

Current estimates show that by 2025, more than half of global payments will be done digitally i.e. cash is under threat and plastic cards are becoming obsolete. China leads the way to the light, while ‘‘developed nations’’ cling on to old habits or metal and paper.

Technology   Future Series   3D Printing

Bye bye traditional manufacturing, the future is 3D-printed

The pandemic proved us that our traditional manufacturing methods were outdated. We were too slow to react and produce the devices we needed to survive. 3D printing will be the next revolution of manufacturing and prototyping, with a speed suited to our fast-paced world.

artificial intelligence   Robots   Future Series   Automation

How Automation will co-evolve with humans

Our take on the matter of Automation is that there is a misconception of machines evolving past humans instead of evolving with humans. Automation eliminating jobs is true, but it will also bolster the economy and generate better jobs and livelihoods. 

Science   Proteomics   Future Series

Proteomics explained for the rational investor

Proteins are famous for building muscle, but they are much more than that. Proteomics is the study of protein structures, and how new technologies are deriving solutions to complex diseases and waste management issues.