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Who is Pfizer, and how is the stock performing?

Pfizer is in the news lately because of the vaccine. What does Pfizer focus on, and how are they performing ? 

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The Swiss Series: Zur Rose and their new healthcare platform

Zur Rose is developing its own, fully-integrated healthcare platform for user's convenience. Insurances, doctors and pharmacies: all in one place for the best patient experience.

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Jeff taking on yet another sector: Amazon Pharmacy

There are still sectors that Amazon does not have a grasp on. As they hate not being able to satisfy every customer's needs, the company is closing the gaps one by one. The next one can be ticked: prescription drugs.

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Chewy lets you zoom with a veterinarian, (almost) for free

You can now zoom your veterinarian with your pet on your laps. Asking the patient what is wrong will be a long and interesting process.

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The race for COVID-19 vaccine, bet on the best horse

Two races are currently taking place in our backyard: rich countries are fighting to secure a large volume of vaccine for its population and pharmaceutical companies are sprinting to the phase 3 finish line to get their drug approved. The different news coming from the situation of each candidate have large effects on the stock markets.

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GoodRx: the fight to cut subscription drugs prices

GoodRx is one of those rare technology IPOs that is for a company that's actually profitable.