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Triathlon training develops traits needed for investing

Tired of bunkering down under house arrest in 2020? Triathlon is the complete opposite – a pure outdoor endeavour for 2021 that might even improve your investing results!

Stocks   Sentiment

Short-sellers feeling so much pain they might be about to gain!

Short-sellers have been driven out by an influx of covid vaccine-infused market optimism. Interest in selling short is so low that it might start to work!

Stocks   IPO

Is the Airbnb & DoorDash IPO frenzy sign of a market top?

Airbnb and Doordash just blew the roof off their public listings. Insiders netted huge returns but is it a sign broader market returns are about to end?

ETFs   Technical Analysis

These 2 relative strength charts are a bad omen for tech stocks

Comparing the relative performance of the Nasdaq 100 and Russell 2000 indices as well as tech and financial stock ETFs offers some insight into a possible change in market leadership.

CFDs   Covid-19   Index

Vaccine trade: Buying indices of where the virus hit worse

A new trade is taking shape this week of buying indices like Spain’s IBEX and Italy’s FTSE MIB following vaccine news from Pfizer/BioNtech and now Moderna

Stocks   Technology

Zoom vs. Delta Airlines stock. Time to rotate?

Zoom and other ‘stay home’ stocks dived on news of Pfizer’s 90% effective vaccine, while airline stocks like Delta took off. Is this the start of a rotation?

Stocks   Technology   IPO

China bull market tramples on Ant IPO fiasco

Investor interest in China has been on the rise especially with rising stars like Alibaba but the ANT Group IPO fiasco highlights the risks.

FX Options   options trading

Covered call versus naked call option strategies

Covered and naked call options strategies are a way to express a bearish view using options. We compare the two and explain the objectives and risks

Commodities   Metals   Politics

Which US election result is best for gold?

Gold has had a rock-solid year (pun intended!). It has far outperformed nearly every asset class this year. But under which president will gold fair best?

Stocks   Technology

Why FAAMG stocks Q3 earnings this week matter more than ever

This week is big tech earnings galore with all the FAAMG reporting Q3 results – that’s Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft and Google-parent Alphabet & it’s more important than ever.


Intel and Coca-Cola are selling off parts before earnings - DAY AHEAD

The day ahead will see two US corporate behemoths Intel and Coca-Cola report Q3 results while the lack of US stimulus puts the spotlight on weekly jobless claims.

Forex   CFDs  

Stricter COVID rules send stocks tumbling - MARKET WRAP

Things turned distinctly sour across markets on Thursday after France and UK imposed strict new lockdown rules to curb rising virus cases.