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Stocks dip from Monday sugar rush - MARKET WRAP

A setback in Johnson and Johnson’s vaccine trials and the IMF warning of a ‘sharp adjustment’ in financial markets was enough to see stocks turn lower and the dollar catch a bid.

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UK stocks fall behind after 3 tier lockdown - MARKET WRAP

October’s optimistic market mood continued Monday as investors priced in a clear cut US election result and new fiscal stimulus before or soon after.

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Bitcoin pops on Square block buy, Dow highest in a month - DAY AHEAD

The price of Bitcoin got a boost from payment company Square buying $50 million in BTC, the Turkish lira dropped and the Dow Jones finished at its highest in a month. 

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Stocks snap lower after Trump ends stimulus talks - DAY AHEAD

It was very much a day of two halves thanks to a late announcement from - you guessed it - President Donald Trump.


VP debate: More important for markets after Trump gets COVID

Donald Trump catching the coronavirus means the vice presidential debate takes on new importance for financial markets.

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5G technology series: Stocks to watch

Mobile network technology is taking another leap forward with 5G, and that brings new opportunities.

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Example trade of using a CFD to go short

What can you do to benefit when stock markets are falling? There are two choices: buy something that rises when other markets fall or go short.


Was Buffett right about airline stocks? Testing vs. Quarantine

Rising COVID-19 cases has sent airline stocks spiralling lower, but it needn't be the case moving forward if testing replaces quarantine requirements.

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Trump Supreme Court pick and durable goods

For the day ahead, I’ll be watching out for how markets prepare for President Donald Trump announcing his supreme court nominee on Saturday- as well as US durable goods data.

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Technical Analysis: Forex charts of the week

An updated weekly analysis of the price action across forex markets, including EUR/USD, GBP/USD, AUD/USD & USD/JPY


WATCH: Video where motorless Nikola EV truck rolls down hill

Watch the 2018 promo video for the Nikola One truck, which the company now admits features a motorless truck which had been rolled down a hill in Utah.

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BP dividend has gone with the wind

The $1.1 billion investment in wind energy is a first glance at how BP intends to spend the money it once paid out as dividends to investors.